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Book reviews from Stage 2, 2011

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Star Readers of Stage 2, 2011



These reviews were written about Premier's Reading Challenge books we have read. One of us, Jimmy, had his review printed in the "Penrith City Star" newspaper, and all six reviews are on the Star's website. Lucky Elijah won a $25 book voucher from new sponsor, Dymocks, of Penrith.

Star Readers - Book reviews 2011

Scroll down to read the six finalists' reviews:

A book review by Jimmy F., Class 3/4FB:


“The terrible plop” written by Ursula Dubosarsky; illustrated by Andrew Joyner


I am here to introduce a perfect book for children in Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2. Nominated in the 2010 Children’s Book Council of Australia Awards, winning the Crichton medal for illustration, it has a bear, a rabbit, and… wait for it… a terrible PLOP!


In a forest of animals, some bunnies are eating strangely realistic chocolate mud cake under an apple tree. A great big bear is relaxing. Then comes the terrible PLOP. What is the PLOP? Will it take over the forest? Will the big bear save us all? These questions and more are answered in this book.


“The terrible plop” is on the Premier’s Reading Challenge for Early Stage 1 and Stage 1 students. K-2 students will enjoy it and it may make children in Years 3-6, plus adults, laugh, too. It’s a pretty impressive book because it all seems rather simple in the end. Now I’m off to read it again!



A book review by Tanaka M., Class 3/4M:


“Willy the champ” written & illustrated by Anthony Browne


I think “Willy the champ” is a good book for 5-12 year olds because it is funny. It is also enjoyable for adults. It is about a chimpanzee named Willy, who achieves something. He tries so many sports, such as soccer, bike riding and swimming until he finds something that he is good at doing.


Anthony Browne is inspired by chimps, monkeys and gorillas. Some of his other books feature chimps and gorillas, too, including “Willy the wimp”, where Willy had no confidence. In “Willy the champ” we see that he now has more confidence in himself.


“Willy the champ” is on the Premier’s Reading Challenge for Early Stage 1 and Stage 1 students.



A book review by Elijah B., Class 3/4M:


“Edwina the emu” written by Sheena Knowles; illustrated by Rod Clement


Students in Years K-2, I would like to tell you that an AWESOME book for you is “Edwina the emu”! I’ve read it, and it has cool pictures. It also rhymes, which is really clever.


The book is about a female emu, who lays some eggs and goes to try and get a job, while her poor husband, Edward, has to sit on the nest. Edwina tries many jobs but will she find one that suits her in the end?


Rod Clement illustrates good books and many of them have been nominated for awards. Like his newest book, “Feathers for Phoebe”, it is very funny. You can easily recognise Rod Clement’s artwork in “Olga the brolga” and “Edward the emu”.


In my opinion, you should buy “Edwina the emu” and put it on your shelf and read it every night. Eight year olds, if you haven’t read it, then you need to read it. “Edwina the emu” is also on the Premier’s Reading Challenge for Early Stage 1 and Stage 1 students.



A book review by Zenaide E., Class 3/4FB:


“Feathers for Phoebe” written & illustrated by Rod Clement


This is a good book because it is really funny. A small bird, Phoebe, was grey and dull and she didn’t like it, not one little bit. Phoebe learns to dress herself up in beautiful feathers, sing, dance and even meets a new friend, but she also learns that it is fun to just be yourself.


Rod Clement is a clever author and illustrator. Thank you Rod for this magical book! “Feathers for Phoebe” is this year’s special book for the National Simultaneous Storytime and, on May 25th, many Australian schools and public libraries will be reading this book at the same time: 11.00am.



A book review by Brayden P., Class 3/4W:


“Library lion” written by Michelle Knudsen; illustrated by Kevin Hawkes


This book will fill your heart with warmth. There’s a lion that comes into an old-fashioned library (in pictures that are painted in old-fashioned watercolours). Every day, the lion goes straight past the front desk and disappears between the bookshelves. The story is mysterious and a little bit sad at times. Is it a real lion, or one of the lion statues outside? The story reminds me of the movie “A night at the museum”, where the exhibits come to life at night.


“Library lion” is on the Premier’s Reading Challenge and is best for K-2 students. It is a popular book at our school, so our teacher-librarian bought a lion statue to guard our new library, just like in the book.



A book review by Kammy S., Class 3/4FB:


“The cat in the hat” written & illustrated by Dr Seuss


“The cat in the hat” is a good book because it is a magical and creative story. The Cat in the Hat comes to two children’s house one rainy day and shows them many tricks, but he is very bad at doing them. The kids are worried because their mother had said not to let anyone inside, but the cat came to find out why they were so bored.


The book has rhyming in it - and the fish and cat characters will make you laugh. Everyone enjoys reading “The cat in the hat”. The book is on the Premier’s Reading Challenge for Early Stage 1 and Stage 1 students.


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