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Book reviews from Stage 3, 2010

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Star Readers of Stage 3, 2010




These reviews were written about Premier's Reading Challenge books we have read. One of us, Hamish, had his review printed in the "Penrith City Star" newspaper. Lucky Luke won a $25 book voucher from Angus & Robertson, Penrith. Scroll down to read the six finalists' reviews:

A book review by Luke R., Class 5B:


“Just annoying” written by Andy Griffiths


This book by Andy Griffiths is a really funny book. It might not seem annoying yet, but you might be very annoyed when you read it! People who aren’t annoying don’t know how much fun being annoying is.


This book has about nine stories and all of the stories are equally funny. The stories are recommended for people aged 5 to 200, if you exaggerate a little bit.


In the first story, don’t listen to the bikie because he is crazy! My favourite story is “Garden Knome” (with a silent “K”). It is funny because Andy tries to get rid of his gnome but cannot. I can’t tell you much more but listen to Andy’s advice about using a shower.


Terry Denton does the illustrations for Andy’s stories. The tiny pictures also tell their own story. They can really trick you!


Read this book because it might make you laugh yourself unconscious.



A book review by Zohra A., Class 5B:


“Bear and Chook” series written by Lisa Shanahan; illustrated by Emma Quay


“Bear and Chook” and “Bear and Chook by the sea” are funny picture books that teach you a lesson. I’ll bet you have never seen a polar bear and chicken be best friends, who learn to be belly dancers and cha cha dancers, and have accidents like falling through the stage!


The second book about Bear and Chook is nominated in the Australian Children’s Book of the Year Awards in 2010 and I think it might win because it is so funny. When Bear gets tossed by a wave at the beach, the illustrator draws him three times in one picture, to show you all the action.


I think everyone would like these books. I would give them 10 out of 10.



A book review by Lisa P., Class 5B:


“Matilda” written by Roald Dahl


Matilda’s parents treat her like a little girl from the streets. The truth is that Matilda is a genius; her parents think that she’s stupid, a cheat and an ignorant girl. When she starts school, she meets a mean, horrible headmistress, Miss Trunchbull.


“Matilda” is a very interesting book. Matilda finds out that she has very special powers. The main characters are Matilda, Mr and Mrs Wormwood, Miss Honey and Miss Trunchbull. When I saw the front cover and the blurb on the back, I knew it would be a great read. I like it because it is funny and I think Roald Dahl is a very good author. I like Matilda’s teacher, Miss Honey, who would always help her.


Quentin Blake has illustrated most of Roald Dahl’s novels. He puts lots of details in his pictures.



A book review by Kayla C., Class 5B:


“First friend” written by Christobel Mattingley


I like the book, “First Friend”, because it has text with big fonts and it doesn’t go on and on. It’s short and funny! Kerry comes out of the library and meets a lost, black dog. It follows her and won’t leave the girl alone. Is it a vicious dog? You’ll have to read the book to find out.span>


I reckon this book is for Years 2-4 and maybe Year 5. It is interesting to read about Kerry’s first day at school and once you read this story, you might want to collect the whole series!


“First Friend” is from the “Aussie Nibbles” series. The top edge of the book looks like someone has taken a nibble out of the pages. I think children would enjoy the “Aussie Nibbles” books as well as the “Aussie Bites” and “Aussie Chomps”.



A book review by Hamish M., Class 5B:


“Home and away” written by John Marsden; illustrated by Matt Ottley


“Home and Away” is a picture book but it has nothing to do with the TV show of the same name. This “Home and Away” is a warning about the troubles in countries like Iraq, and with asylum seekers – only this book happens in Australia! The main family is pushed out of their home country (Australia) because of a war and they have to move to another country and be put in gaol!


Although this is a picture book, it is not for Years K-4 students. If you just look at the pictures by Matt Ottley, some will give the war messages away but others make you think it is just a lovely picture book, like the peaceful drawing of the family’s photo in a digital camera. But this family is torn apart and some members do not survive! Warning: This book is not for the faint hearted.



A book review by Christina T., Class 5B:


“The wizard of Rondo” written by Emily Rodda


“The Wizard of Rondo” is a good book because it has interesting adjectives replacing ordinary ones and yet it is also the most wonderful fantasy! It is fantastic because, when you are reading it, you sometimes feel like you are actually in the story and when your parents tell you that it’s time to do something else, you just can’t put it down at all!


The special warning on the back of the book says: “Turn the key three times only.”


This rule is important because if you turn the Key to Rondo in the music box more than four turns, you end up in the Land of Rondo, a secret and special world. The key looks like an old pendant but you can use it to wish for anything, if you focus really hard, and it will come true.


The best part of the book is the character of Wizard Bing, who invents many things - that work exactly the opposite to his plans. Now he has created an invention that actually works but, afterwards, people notice he has disappeared. Will the quest team find him? I’m not telling you; please read the book and find out.


I recommend this for children aged 10 to 15 years old.


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