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The lion and his cub

Page history last edited by Ian McLean 3 years, 9 months ago

The lion and his cub


 A fable by Early Stage 1, 2008



[Drawing by Angelina]


The lion likes to eat meat. He has sharp, pointy claws. If he scratches you, it would hurt, but this lion is friendly to humans. He can run faster than a car. The father lion protects his family of cubs in a secret underground hideout, away from the tigers who live nearby. No one is allowed in without a secret password.


The tiger family doesn't share, so the lions have to buy their meat from the butcher's shop.


The lions live near the lake and there is plenty of water to drink. Father lion plays by the lake with his little lion cub. The cub chases his tail. Then they see the tigers catching live food: baby monkeys who don't know how to swing in the trees.



[Drawing by Ethan]


The father lion wants to teach his son how to buy meat from the butcher's shop instead of catching baby monkeys like the tigers do. The lion cub was still chasing his tail.


"Please stop spinning in circles like that!" says the father lion. "You must pay attention."


The lions go into the butcher's shop together. The butcher is scared and says, "Please don't eat me!" as he hides under the counter. "Take whatever you want!"


"May we have some yummy meat, please," asks the father lion proudly. "Did you think I was going to eat you? I always go forward with my pride (of lions)."


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Annotations about the 2008 ES1's progress.



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