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The giraffe's own room

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The giraffe's own room



 A fable by Early Stage 1, 2008



[Drawing by Zachary]


Once upon a time, there was a poor giraffe in Africa who needed a friend. The giraffe's family all lived in one place. They pushed him out.


"Get out of the way!" the giraffe's family said. "There's no room for you."


He went on a boat to go to France. He wanted to visit the pink poodle. They had met each other on the Internet. They wanted to build a house together, so they'd have a room each.


Before the giraffe got to France, his boat sank. A shark had accidentally flipped the boat with her tail.


"Please don't eat me!" shouted the giraffe.


"Hold on, buddy!" shouted the shark. "I'm sorry about your boat," she said, as she pushed the giraffe back up to the surface.


"Thank you for saving me," replied the giraffe.


The giraffe noticed that the shark was always cleaning her sharp teeth. "Why are you wearing red lipstick?" asked the giraffe.


"I like to look pretty," said the shark. "But I have to keep putting on more lipstick because it washes off in the salty water!"


"In France," said the giraffe, "red is the colour of love and roses. And bricks. Some people even paint their front doors red. I'm going to build a house with my own room, and it will have a red door."


The shark taught the giraffe to water ski the rest of the way.


"Yes, you're doing it! Keep going forward. I'm proud of you," said the shark.



[Drawing by Tyron]


They went forward super fast, all the way to Scotland. The giraffe said, "We need to tuuuuurn!"


They went past France again and the giraffe finally found the pink poodle, because the poodle had climbed to the top of the enormous Eiffel Tower. The pink poodle could see the giraffe coming straight towards her, but she couldn't see the shark in front.


The giraffe did build his own room in France - with a kitchen, and a room for the pink poodle, and another room for the shark, to say thank you to the shark for helping. They had to fill the shark's room up with water. And put fish in it.


The shark said, "Thank you for the room. You should be very proud of the work you did. I will teach the pink poodle how to water ski, too."


Now the giraffe and the pink poodle can always follow the moral of this story and "Go forward with pride".



[Drawing by Dylan]


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