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The clever rhinoceros

Page history last edited by Ian McLean 3 years, 11 months ago

The clever rhinoceros




A fable by Early Stage 1, 2008




[Drawing by Aquila]

Once upon a time, there was a rhinoceros who was a ballerina. He wanted to become a wrestler instead. 


Sometimes the rhinoceros was mean to the kids who were teaching him to wrestle. The children put gel in their hair to make it look like they had rhino horns on their heads.


They all wrestled against a brick fence. The edges of the bricks were pointy, and the rhino and the kids scratched their skin.




The kids thought that if they had a proper wrestling ring, with ropes and a soft mat, they could have better training sessions. The rhino put his ballerina tutu away forever and said, "I will build us a wrestling ring out of wood. I will need to go to the shops."


The rhino couldn't fit in the main door of the big hardware shop so he smashed his way inside.


"Take whatever you want!" said the frightened shopkeeper.


"Do you think I'll keep smashing up your shop?" asked the rhino.


"No, I just happen to like rhinos."


A peacock was shopping in the same store. He was buying plants for his house. The peacock was angry with the rhino. He told the rhino to use his best manners.



[Drawing by Dejan]


The rhinoceros promised he would be sensible. The peacock was proud and he spread out his beautiful tail.


"Your tail looks like my old ballerina's tutu," said the rhino. "I don't need my tutu any more because I'm learning to be a wrestler. You should come and watch us play when I have finished building the wrestling ring."


The peacock's tail spread even wider and almost knocked over some plants in the shop.


The moral of this fable is: "Be as proud as a peacock. Go for wood with pride."



[Drawing by Ethan]


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