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All about lizards in the world


by Hayden, Stage 2, Penrith Public School


Dedicated to the memory of Steve Irwin


Thorny Devil


The first lizard I want to talk about is the Thorny Devil. It is a really spiky lizard. It has 20 spikes on its back. It lives in the desert. The Thorny Devil stays where ants are. It is really still and the ants climb all over it so it can eat them. They all probably live in the desert.


There is a story about a Thorny Devil: A smuggled Thorny Devil had to lay its eggs but it was too dangerous. It had to come to Australia to lay its eggs. If it laid its eggs in the desert it would make the eggs die so they hurried to get to Australia. In the plane were air conditioners and fans. It was hot and cold at the same time so if it was too cold the Thorny Devil would die. If it was just right it would be OK.


You just have to have a look at them because they are fascinating. You would like one for a pet, but they only live in the desert in South Australia and probably in every island over the world because there could be a horrible island that is 2 degrees per day. But let’s get going on with lizards.


So let’s get going again with the Thorny Devil. Do you know this about the Thorny Devil? The Thorny Devil can do one thing to get away from predators. That is to squirt blood out of its eyes to stop the prey if it is in the prey’s mouth. It will suck all the blood and, while the Thorny Devil squirts blood, it will run as fast as it can. After the prey finishes that it starts all over again. So that’s it for that one.



Blue Tongue


The blue tongue lizard is mad as because, on the 22.9.08, I was writing this book. I was at my Nana’s house and on the 21.9.08 there was a green tree frog, an ant mine and a dog. What else was there? Oh yeah, eleven chickens and also a stick insect at her place. At my mate’s place he has two corn snakes and also an awesome backyard. Each day he gets out his corn snakes and takes then to Naranginji for one hour. Sometimes he feeds them lizards and also crickets and maybe a couple of meal worms and also maybe pinkies. I think, but I don’t know about that.


Well it is my first day back from school. It is Monday 13th October 2008. I just came back with a trophy and a hat but that’s about footy not lizards. Let’s get going on lizards. I mentioned the Blue Tongue lizard. It is about 50 cm long now. It is only a baby still but it is a good pet. So that’s it for the Blue Tongue.





The Shingleback is a lizard that looks like it has two heads but is its tail and the other is its head. My mate has heaps of them up at Kandos. He has about 20 of them in an old bath tub. I kept one. It was about 20cm long but my dad did not want it so I gave it to my cousin, Blake, and his mum and dad. They liked lizards and snakes and do you know about the Shingleback? It has a nasty bite so be careful if you get bitten by one. Be prepared to hold one because its habitat is the desert and other hot places like the bush.


My favourite thing about the Shingleback is it’s hard to hold because you don’t know which one is the head and the tail. Pretty cool! Hey! Do you know about all the Shinglebacks like the Eastern Shingleback and the Northern Shingleback? I really like them but should you be afraid of them? No, you should not be afraid of them. Some Shinglebacks have blue tongues but that does not mean that it is a Blue Tongue. But that’s it for that one.



Eastern Water Dragon


The Eastern Water Dragon is really cool because I grew up with one. I had it for three years but my dad had it for five years before I was born and I used to trace it everywhere in the house because my dad found it at Naraginji. It was 50cm long. He was a big fella but when I woke up one morning we accidentally left the window opened. We think but he could have done something else but I do not know so I’m not telling what happened about it. Let’s just get going on now.


If you have been reading all my books you would be wondering about how old I am. I am only nine years old. I have been writing these books in my spare time but people have been reading heaps of this stuff. The last two books I wrote were hurting my arm. I needed to have a rest but I am OK now. The Eastern Waterdragon is pretty good for a pet so it’s pretty good to write about. Let’s get going. Come on now.



Bearded Dragon


The Bearded Dragon is a nice lizard. I had three of them but they all died. One got frozen in the water bottle and the other because of the heat and the other because of its age. It was 30 years old. My dad had it since he was 29 years old. A guy gave it to us because they were fighting. I named it James. It was good. It died on the date of 28.10.08.


Yesterday it was my brother’s birthday. He turned one year old and we had it at Hooters. It was pretty good. We had a lovely meal too. Today I am writing this story about lizards and I am having a lot of fun writing this book.


My dad was going to work once and he saw a Bearded Dragon. Lucky he had his camera ready because when they pulled up it was gone. He only just got a photo of it. It looks good. Try to take photos of them because you could try to email all the lizards you find to show all the other lizards you find.


If you are lucky you could see heaps of any kind of lizard. It doesn’t matter so please try to email them because I want to know what kind of lizard you could find. I am just going to see see if anyone can find a lizard and email a picture to me. So could you give me a photo? We are really looking for some Bearded Dragons. Any kind, even a pet. My grandma had one but it died in the heat. That Bearded Dragon was the last one I saw in the wild.


I have bad news. This is my last book I am writing because I am leaving my school and leaving my stories behind but if you ever visit Portland please come and visit me because I am living in Portland because my dad is working up there and it is too late to turn back now. I am already living in Portland now. I would try to make my program and remember to see if it works so that’s it for that one.



Lace Monitor


Monitors are meat eating machines. They even eat people. They’re heaps faster than a snake in the water. They’re that fast a kid was swimming in the water. There was a monitor ten metres away and he swam for his life but he got eaten alive. It happened twice, but on land a kid was sleeping in his bed until he saw something on the ground but then he saw what it was. It was a Monitor. He tried to run but it was too late. He got eaten alive. They lived on twenty bricks high and a gate so Monitors couldn’t eat them. I would break the stairs and use a ladder instead of them walking in the gate and getting inside. 


Monitors' claws are two inches tall. They use them to rip open the food and eat them but if you get bitten by one and you survive, two weeks later you die because they eat their food. There is a disease. It slowly spreads in your body. everything shuts down. What time you get bitten, that is the time you die. But that is it for that one.





The smallest Chameleon in the world is about three or two centimetres long. My hand is hurting because I broke it. It is not my wrist. It is three centimetres above my wrist. I broke both bones in my right arm but I am still writing because I am leaving school soon. It is December the 1st and I have fibreglass on. Now I am going to finish my story.


Here we go: The smallest Chameleon in the world is not in trees. It is on the ground. It is brown. It lives in the stale leaves.


They are camouflaged on the leaves. They are as fine as your pinky finger. They are cool but sneaky. They jump. They live in the tropical rainforests. They are the coolest things you have ever seen because the size of them is tiny. 


A chameleon is fifteen times the size of its tongue. It stretches out its tongue and it is like sticky tape. He grabs the prey with it and pulls him in. It all happens in less than five seconds. Something really cool are the eyes. They are just like night vision goggles but in the daytime nothing can hide because it is camouflaged . It has the ability to see camouflaged stuff like flower spiders, praying mantises and a lot of other stuff.


So that is my books over. I have told you everything I know. Now I’ve done it all and I went through a lot of pain. See you next time.





My other books are Spiders and Snakes


(© Hayden, Stage 2, December, 2008)


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