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Kindergarten weaves a wiki


presented by Ian McLean (Penrith PS)







Email: electronic letter writing. Advanced users attach files and graphics. You can “cc” (carbon copy) to others of your choosing.



Listservs: one post of an email can be received by all people subscribing to the listserv, even though you have posted to the one address. Unable to change content of an email once people on the list have received it. Set up and administered by a “list owner”. Send automated commands to an email address to join or quit a listserv.



Electronic bulletin board services (BBS): Similar to a listserv, but you can see everyone’s responses on a web page (click heading to see contents of an entry). Can often edit your replies after the fact, or view them as threaded responses, following a discussion with many participants. An example of a mailing list archive (2007), in similar format, is at: http://www.schools.nsw.edu.au/schoollibraries/listserv/possummagic07/maillist.html



Websites: text and images on a particular theme or topic, presented in “pages” with clickable links that lead to other pages in the site - but also other Internet sites, forming a “web” of interrelated information. Commercial or hobby-related. When used with students it is important to use judgement re accuracy, editing, validity of site publisher, date of upload, frequency of revisions (“What’s new?”), etc. Originally required knowledge of HTML or web design software, such as Dreamweaver, plus uploading software (eg. Fetch). Penrith PS’s first website (est. intranet 2002; Internet 2004) deliberately did not have too many bells and whistles. The latest version (2009), now using "easy upload" NSW DET templates, is at: http://www.penrith-p.schools.nsw.edu.au/



Web 2.0 is the new wave of interactive Internet services and web tools (all-inclusive when designing/ uploading), including:



Blogs: similar to online diary entries, but ease of uploading, editing and dating of new text entries and images means blogs may replace many websites. Blog is short for Web Log. Can specify other individuals to contribute (can be moderated or not) plus encourages feedback comments from general public or nominated groups (can be moderated, edited, or not). Penrith PS has been participating in book raps, in blog form, eg at: http://rapblog.edublogs.org



RSS feed: Automated updates (eg. via email) of nominated blog contents, so you know immediately when new entries have been posted. RSS feed won’t show later corrections by the list owner though. For people who want information coming to them, not browsing the ‘Net at their leisure. The RSS acronym has multiple meanings including:


          * Really Simple Syndication


          * Rich Site Summary


          * RDF (Resource Description Framework) Site Summary.



Wikis: scrapbook-style entries of text and images, but ease of uploading, editing and dating of new entries means wikis may replace many websites. Can specify other individuals to contribute (original versions can be restored if owner disagrees with changes) plus encourages feedback comments from general public or nominated groups (can be moderated, edited or not). “Wiki” comes from the Hawaiian term, “wiki wiki” meaning, “Quick!”  Penrith PS Library’s wiki (est. 2007) is at: http://penrithpslibrary.pbworks.com


The NSW DET’s book rap wiki (est. 2008) is at: http://bookrap.pbworks.com



Penrith Public School Library Wiki © 2007 Penrith Public School, High Street, Penrith 2750, New South Wales, Australia. Telephone 02 4721 2158. Fax 02 4721 3466. No text or graphics may be reproduced without permission. All text and graphics © the original authors/artists of Penrith Public School. HTML by Ian McLean.

This page uploaded 2008; last revised 2019.

Wiki URL: http://penrithpslibrary.pbworks.com/

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