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Fairy tales 2009

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Fairy tales by 1C English


Jack and the giant


by Kevin, Rob, Aquila, Levi and Ethan.


Once upon a time, there was a prince called Jack. He was a soldier in the army. He lived in an old Scottish castle.


Fairytales 6


A ghost lived in the castle, too, and he was angry and turned Jack into a basketball.


Luckily for Jack, another soldier comes along and begins to throw some of the balls into a hoop. To change Jack back, the soldier must throw the ball into the hoop with one hand. He does and... the magic ball cracks open and out falls the prince right on his head. 


Fairytales 7


A dragon blows flames and kills the ghost. Jack and the dragon live happily ever after.



The pirate and the giant


by Daniel, Brayden, Holly, Caitlyn, Roshini and Mathew.


Fairytales 1


Long ago, near an island, on a ship owned by the king, a good pirate made everyone laugh by tickling them.


But... a mean giant didn't like that. The giant lived with a kind cat. The giant turned the good pirate into a parrot. The giant let the parrot sit on his shoulder.


Fairytales 2


One day, the giant fell asleep at the table. So the cat got the magic book. She turns the parrot back into a pirate.


Now that cat was really a girl, who had been turned into a cat by the horrible giant. She had to do a kind thing for someone else to be able to change. The girl and the pirate got married and lived happily ever after.


Fairytales 3



Mary and Superman


by Khalia, Stan, Annabella, Jessica, Emily and Blake.


Once upon a time, there was a big girl called Mary who lived in a castle by herself. She had a magic ring that everyone wanted. The magic ring helped her do all the housework.


A stranger turns Mary into a helicopter (so he can get away) because he wanted the magic ring.


Fairytales 8


Superman rescues the helicopter by flying through the sky and pulling the helicopter to the ground. Superman is very brave and strong. He gives the magic ring to Mary.


Mary married Superman and they get all the housework done in one minute. Then they can fly all around the world to see all the cities. They lived happily ever after.


Fairytales 9



The princess and the giant


by Angelina, Thalan, Jackson, Sophia, Sara and Jason.


There once was a handsome giant who was looking for someone to share his castle.


A brave princess lived nearby in a mansion. She was happy and very pretty. The princess had a magnifying glass that could talk.


An ugly witch is angry and turns the giant into an ant. The ant ate crumbs from the princess's plate.


Fairytales 4


The ant magically turns back into a giant. They lived happily ever after in the giant's castle. The giant and the princess let all the ants roam around the castle.


Fairytales 5



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