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Core values fables by Kindergarten 2007

Page history last edited by Ian McLean 5 months, 1 week ago

Group Project

In Term Four 2007, a group of Early Stage 1 students was collaborating on some fables using our school's four core values. Firstly, we discussed our ideas in Circle Time with Mr McLean, our teacher-librarian. Secondly, we drew our favourite scenes and characters. Mr McLean selected four pictures, one for each core value, scanned them and put one on each wiki page. Thirdly, we jointly-constructed and edited the fables right onto this wiki. (Within just twenty minutes of finishing the first page, we had our first online visitor from California in the USA. A few hours later, new visitors came from elsewhere in New South Wales, and even Holland, France and Vienna!) Finally, when we knew how the stories turned out, we drew some new pictures for you and scanned them to decorate the wiki page.


Before we knew about wikis, we used to write our recounts, procedures and narratives on butcher's paper, or put them in a "news book". Weaving a wiki is fun, and we can share our work with the whole world! Please scroll down to see the rest of our template or choose a core value fable:


  1. Learning fable
  2. Cooperation fable
  3. Respect fable
  4. Environment fable
  5. Annotations about ES1's progress
  6. Conference notes.



We hope that you enjoyed following our progress or, now that we've finished, you will tell your friends about our wonderful core value fables! Please send us your comments; we'd love to read them. The teacher-librarian at Jasper Road PS was so inspired she started a wiki at her own school in 2008 - and her Stage 1 students wrote some fables too!




See also: ‘Research columns 1, 2009: Kindergarten weaves a wiki: the learners tell their stories’ by Ian McLean, in Scan 28(1) February 2009. Our school used a wiki to create jointly-constructed fables, and shared the final products (and the annotated learning journey) with their extended school community - and beyond. This research paper is introduced, and peer reviewed, by Dr Ross J Todd, for Scan, the New South Wales Department of Education & Training (Australia)'s professional journal.




Working together using this wiki


Think of this wiki as a shared online whiteboard. Your entire group can share information using this wiki, making your research accessible to everyone. Play around with this wiki: Notice how you can add comments to a page, see what people have changed, and edit all the text.


Outcomes - English K-6 NSW syllabus - Early Stage 1



V1   enjoys creating a range of spoken and written texts.


TES1.1   Communicates with peers and known adults in informal situations and structured activities dealing briefly with familiar topics. (Moving towards... TS1.1 Communicates with an increasing range of people for a variety of purposes on both familiar and introduced topics in spontaneous and structured classroom activities.)


WES1.9   Engages in writing texts with the intention of conveying an idea or message. (Moving towards... WS1.9 Plans, reviews and produces a small range of simple literary and factual texts for a variety of purposes on familiar topics for known readers.)



Group members


  • Chloe
  • Conner
  • Daniel A.
  • Daniel T.
  • Elijah B.
  • Ethan
  • Jimmy
  • Phoenix
  • Roland
  • Tanaka
  • Zachary
  • Mr McLean.



Special guest artists


  • Dejan
  • Elijah P.
  • Dylan


  • Griffen
  • Other students from SCLB.



Links - Read the final drafts of our fables


  1. Learning fable
  2. Cooperation fable
  3. Respect fable
  4. Environment fable.





Who? When do we meet - Term Four?


Mondays after Recess.




Thursdays before Recess.






Annotations about 2007 ES1's progress. (2008's students undertook a similar unit a year later.)


Annotations about 2008 ES1's progress, including weekly brainstorms.




What other classes are saying about our wiki pages


Please click here


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