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Here are some comments about

the Kindergarten students' Core Values Fables:




  • We loved ES1's fables about core values.
  • They have creative imaginations.
  • We really liked the Respect fable.
  • ES1 are good drawers.

    The above comments are from S3P, November 2007.





  • This wiki looks colourful.

  • It's hard to believe it was done by Kindergarten students.

  • It's bright and magnificent.

  • It's very imaginative and interesting, and they're good drawers.



     The above comments are from S3B, November 2007.





  • This wiki is inspirational.

  • Sensational!

  • This should go onto Sky News.

  • We can't believe Kinders wrote this wiki.



     The above comments are from S2M, November 2007.






  • I felt happy that Kinder used my picture of the crow. 

  • I felt happy too because they used my picture of the cat climbing a ladder to the moon. 

  • Thank you for the great fables!

  • Everyone likes your pictures.


     The above comments are from SCLB, November 2007.




  • Fantastic illustrations!
  • Great stories. You're a star! 

    The above comments are from S1C English, November 2007.



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