Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year 

Annual celebrations at Penrith Public School


2008: Year of the Rat - Happy Chinese New Year!

Year of the Rat 2008Chinese New Year Parade

On Monday 11th February, we had a parade at school because it was Chinese New Year. We dressed in red. We had so much fun.
First, class S1C told the story of how the Chinese years were named.

Mask 1Mask 3Mask 2

After that, each class had a turn to walk around the hall and show what we had made. We made dancing dragons, masks, lanterns, hats or paper rats. It was very colourful. We all made lots of noise to scare the bad spirits away. We used drums, bells, tambourines, maracas, cymbals and our voices. Some people got a headache.
It was a whole explosion of fun!
By S1K English class.


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