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Book reviews from Stage 3, 2009

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Star Readers of Stage 3, 2009

These reviews were written about Premier's Reading Challenge books we have read. One of us, Laura, had her review printed in the "Penrith City Star" newspaper. Lucky Natalie won a $25 book voucher from Angus & Robertson, Penrith. Scroll down to read the six finalists' reviews:
( Update: March 2010: For the school's participation in 2009, we won another $250! Thanks Penrith City Star! )

reviews 09


A book review by Zach N., Class 5/6D:


“All the questions you ever wanted to ask Adam Goodes” by Jane Williams and seven others


What an ingenious Indigenous information book!


Adam Goodes is a very famous AFL player. In this book, Adam is interviewed by eight Aboriginal students at Cleveland High School. The students are asking Adam questions.


Adam Goodes learned how to stay fit, how to play football with the Sydney Swans, and how to show good sportsmanship. He knows how not to be a sore loser. Adam knows how to kick the ball properly and how to catch the ball from the air.


I would recommend this “Premier's Reading Challenge” book for children in Year 3 to Year 6.



A book review by Naeem A., Class 5/6D:


“The key to Rondo” by Emily Rodda


Aunt Bethany, Mimi, Leo, Suzanne and Henry are the main characters in this fantasy book.


There was a music box that had drawings about life around it. It belonged to Leo. The music box also had a handle that you could turn three times to start the music. Mimi tried it but she turned it four times and the music box broke.


“Why did you DO that?” Leo wants to know.


The children end up in a magical world called Rondo. In this adventure, Mimi learns that rules are so important.


I would recommend this “Premier’s Reading Challenge” book for ten and eleven year old kids who like fantasy stories.



A book review by Courteney A., Class 5/6D:


“The Paw” written by Natalie Jane Prior, illustrated by Terry Denton


Cat girl robs bank!


The main characters in this “Premier’s Reading Challenge” picture book are Leonie, the police and The Paw. The Paw is Leonie’s secret identity.


Leonie was a school girl who started out robbing banks, art galleries and people’s houses, dressed in a white cat burglar suit. Then she ended up saving an old man’s life. She even found his lost false teeth.


Who would enjoy reading this book? Probably children around 4 to 10. I am ten and I loved reading this amazing, funny book.



A book review by Shehzil S., Class 5/6D:


“Kate, the cat and the moon” by David Almond and Stephen Lambert


The main characters in this “Premier’s Reading Challenge” picture book are Kate and a cat. Kate went to bed, but then she was dressed up as a cat. She did not know whether she was dreaming or not. Was it real life, which is really weird, or did she learn that dreaming can be fun?


I am ten years old but I would like to recommend this book to children aged 3-10. Please read this brilliant picture book. I am sure you will like it because I loved it.



A book review by Natalie M., Class 5/6D:


“Princess Smartypants” by Babette Cole


A most unusual princess!


The main characters in this “Premier’s Reading Challenge” picture book are Princess Smartypants, her mother (the Queen), her father (the King), and all the princes who come to visit.


Her mother told Princess Smartypants that she had to get married, but Princess Smartypants, who wears leather bikie gear and rides a motorcycle, doesn’t want to. Princes from far and wide come to try to be her husband.


They must accomplish her impossible tasks. Princess Smartypants learns that being independent is good as well.


I liked this book but I think that children in Year 2, 3 and 4 would enjoy it better.



A book review by Laura D., Class 5/6D:


“Piggybook” by Anthony Browne


The title of the “Premier’s Reading Challenge” picture book I chose is “Piggybook” by Anthony Browne. This is the most disgusting book I’ve ever read. Absolutely horrible – but I LOVED it!


The characters are Mr Piggot, Mrs Piggot, and their two children, Simon and Patrick. Mr Piggot and his sons are lazy. They did no work and Mrs Piggot had to do everything! Day and night, all she does is housework. Then one day Mrs Piggot is gone. The rest of the family is worried – will she ever come home? They learn to stop being such pigs! (But first they actually turn into pigs.)


I would recommend students in Years 2-4 to read this book. I think it was great. It is one of my fave books.


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