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An Environment Fable

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 An Environment Fable

by Early Stage 1 students at Penrith Public School, 2007 


Environment fable

[Drawing by Griffen]



One night, the moon said, "I only come out at night time. I've never seen the crows taking food scraps out of the garbage bins before."


The sun replied, "I only come out at daytime. I've never seen the possums taking food scraps out of the garbage bins before."


So the moon and the sun decided to come out together. They wondered if the sky would turn golden and silver while they were both up there at the same time.


The crows and the possums came to the playground together and made a terrible mess around the bins. The sky couldn't decide if it wanted to be black or blue, or golden and silver. The sky turned the grey colour of a graveyard.


One of the crows looked up at the sky and said, "Daaaark, daaaark, daaaark!" 



The moral is: Look after your environment.


Sun and MoonCrow

[Drawings by Ethan and Daniel A.]


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