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A Respect Fable

Page history last edited by Ian McLean 4 months ago

 A Respect Fable

by Early Stage 1 students at Penrith Public School, 2007 


Respect fable

[Drawing by Tanaka]



Once upon a time, there was a zebra who had black spots instead of stripes. All the other zebras laughed at him because he didn't have black stripes like them. The other zebras looked like white horses wearing pyjamas.


"We think you look ugly!" they said.


"Don't be so mean" said the spotted zebra, crying. "You make me feel sad when you tease me. I won't play with you if you are mean."


The stripy zebras liked being stripy because it helped them to camouflage in the long grass. The black stripes looked the same as the shadows in the grass.


First of all, the spotty zebra tried to make coloured spots out of Playdoh. The Playdoh spots looked very colourful but then they all fell off.


Then he got the idea to squash blueberries, cherries, purple grapes, green grapes and tomatoes all over his black spots. He looked like a fruit salad!


The stripy zebras wanted to lick off all the squashed fruit and soon he was black-spotted again.


"Don't worry, you are still black and white just like us. We do like you."


The moral is: Have respect for your friends' differences.



zebra with spots

[Drawing by Roland]


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