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A Learning Fable

Page history last edited by Ian McLean 4 months ago

 A Learning Fable

by Early Stage 1 students at Penrith Public School, 2007 


Learning fable

[Drawing by Dylan M.]


One night a cat was sent out of her house because the owners had no money to feed her. She also sometimes scratched everybody with her claws.


"Don't come back!" the people said.


"I feel sad and angry!" exclaimed the cat. "And I am so hungry and thirsty."


The cat looked up at the night sky. She saw the beautiful yellow moon.


"It looks like a huge wheel of cheese with a slice cut out of it. Maybe there are some mice living on the moon and they like eating the cheese?"



[Drawing by Dejan.]


The cat's tummy was rumbling and grumbling with hunger. She licked her lips with her rough tongue.


"How can I catch those mice while they are busy eating the cheese on the moon? I will get busy making a loooooooooooooooong ladder out of some logs."


Using her sharp claws, the cat made steps out of the logs and poles. The cat climbed up the ladder to the moon and found lots of mice to eat. Then she jumped over to the Milky Way and had a nice drink of milk.


The moral is: Learn to use your skills to get what you want.


Cat and ladder

[Drawing by Chloe.]


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