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A Cooperation Fable

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 A Cooperation Fable

by Early Stage 1 students at Penrith Public School, 2007


Cooperation fable

[Drawing by Jimmy]



Once upon a time there was a giant egg. People thought the egg was a mountain because the bottom part was buried in the snow. One day a pair of legs popped out of the egg. The legs stood up and walked through the town.



[Drawing by Elijah P.]


The giant egg crashed into a brick wall and out came a giant bald baby. The people in the town were scared of the giant baby. The giant baby was wondering where its parents were. When he cried, the tears almost made a flood. The noise of his crying irritated everyone. The people of the town looked after the baby giant in the hotel. His dinner plates were bigger than everyone! But the baby kept growing and growing and growing until he popped the roof off!



[Drawing by Conner.]


Eventually he turned into a giant bald man. He was a very clumsy giant. Everywhere he walked, he squashed some houses and made big cracks in the ground. He never grew any hair on his head.


"I always feel cold because I have no hair."


He asked the hairdressers in the town to give him some hair.


"No way!" they said. "Because we don't have enough hair on the floor from all our other customers to make you a wig."


As he was leaving the shop, the giant met a rabbit with reddish gold fur. "Hello Rabbit," said the giant.


The little animal shook his head. "I'm not a rabbit, I'm a hare."


"I have an idea," the giant said.


The giant asked the hare if he had any loose hairs he could put on his head, but the wind blew off all the hare's hairs. Next the giant told the hare to use his sharp claws to climb up the giant's body and cling onto his bald head.


"Please be careful not to hurt my eyes with your claws," said the giant.


Now when the giant looked in the mirror it seemed like he had reddish gold hair. Having a hare on top of his head stopped the giant from getting too cold. When the giant had a shower the hare had to hold up a little umbrella. Whenever the giant walked through the town, the hare told him exactly where to put his feet so he didn't step on any houses. He wasn't clumsy any more.


The giant said to everyone he met, "How do you like my new hair?"


The moral is: When we cooperate, everyone is happy.





[Drawing by Dylan M.]


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